Youth Group Picutre

Known as MCA’s frontrunner, MCA Youth, similar to Wanita MCA, was established under the MCA Constitution Sections 162 and 163 and approved by the MCA Central Committee.

From a mere youth unit under MCA in the early days, MCA Youth has evolved over time and got its present name, with its very own complete organisational system, since 1958.

In the 60s, recruitment of young bloods from all walks of life was its main agenda.

MCA Youth established itself as the frontrunner of MCA in the 70s, portraying itself as a ‘pressure group’ which dared to speak up against policies deemed unfair and unreasonable to the Chinese community.

In the 80s, the image was further enhanced. During the 90s, as the national political environment had improved, policies with more inclusivity were introduced by the government and racial politics began to subside. Apart from its frontrunner’s role, MCA Youth also adjusted its pace with the changing environment and took moderate and consultative approach in its engagement with Chinese associations, youth and university students. It also worked closely with youth wings of other friendly parties for mutual support and to collectively tackled various national and social issues.

Aiming to be an all-dimensional 21st century political entity

An example lies in its agenda on education. In terms of tertiary education, our seminars and hotline services on furthering studies are always on standby, to ensure that our very own talents are not misguided or being brain-drained away. We are actively involved in mother-tongue teacher’s certification to ensure that mother-tongue education continues to live on.

We closely monitor the policy on the intake of non-bumiputra students into Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) and matriculation classes to ensure that racial unity could be achieved. ‘Nation first’ and ‘national excellence’ are our ultimate goals.

The traditional way of parental leadership is deemed to be no longer suitable for the 21st century and will only drive youngsters further away. Premised on this, we initiated the ‘energetic youth, happy countdown’ series of activities to bring MCA Youth closer to the new generation youngsters.

In addition, activities undertaken by any youth movements must place more emphasis on the thoughts, sustainability and connectivity rather than mere presentation. In MCA Youth, we uphold ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘building our future together’ principles in dealing with the youngsters and envisage an informed society capable of independent thinking.

In order to position ourselves closer to the younger generation, MCA Youth began a new chapter in 2013 by lowering the upper age limit to 40, and re-opening its doors to womenfolk. On 19 December in the same year, election under the new constitution was held with Chong Sin Woon and Chris Lee Ching Yong voted in as MCA Youth Chief and Deputy Chief, respectively, to continue with movement’s struggle.

In view of the party’s defeats in the previous two successive general elections, MCA Youth under Chong mooted a ‘new era’ transformation platform, where new strategies, image, political propaganda and approaches will take place, with the aim of creating a fresh MCA Youth. In the meantime, we would want to portray a better image among the youth in our effort to get more of them agreeable to us, in line with our party’s transformation roadmap.